Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stone Temple Pilots (2010) Album Review

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May 2010 marked the release of Stone Temple Pilot's brand new eponymous album, and it comes almost 10 years after their last effort, Shangri-La Dee Da, which I'm still not fond of to this day.  And the fact that I haven't listened to an STP album in one sitting in a very long time doesn't bode well to any kind of "benchmarking" I was hoping to employ for this album.  But hey, it's been ten years- nay, almost ten years, and I'm sure they've grown out of their little pajamas and likewise I can say the same for their music- that any kind of "benchmarking" would be futile.

Obviously enough, this is a different band.  The edginess that was once prevalent in STP records is noticably missing here... well, there are traces of it from some of the tracks (i.e. Between the Lines), but it's clear they're opting for a more straightforward rock 'n roll sound, almost like cowboy rock 'n roll (if there's such a thing).

Anyway, when I'm listening to this album, this comes to mind:

A cadillac.  (And for some reason a disco ball).  I'm ridin' down the Hollywood strip with my huge aviators on.  And while I'm at it I'm wearing either a leather jacket or one of those driving scarfs those posh drivers like to wrap around their dirty old necks.  I'm headed to Las Vegas, and once I'm there, I keep my aviatored-eyes on the road, seemingly oblivious to all the neon lights that crowd the streets (I've never been to either Hollywood or Vegas, by the way).  I light a cigarette, keepin' it real like nobody's business, seen?

If you can't daydream about being said douchebag making his way from Hollywood to Vegas while listening to this album, then you must be listening to it wrong.

Or maybe you just don't like this album.

My score:
7 out of 10

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