Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Overrated Bands: Godspeed You! Black Emperor

So, I want to kick off this new series after having indulged in music discovery a few days ago. The theme was "post-rock" and I scoured the internet for recommendations from fans of the genre. If you're on the same journey like me, you will know that in a few clicks you will be overwhelmed with high praises for the aforementioned band Godspeed You! Black Emperor. From then on, there was no doubt in my mind these guys are considered one of the best post-rock bands in existence today.

But I don't get it.

To put it succinctly, they make near-inaccessible music that requires a very specific mood to get into - people say it goes best with acid (I don't do drugs), or while taking a stroll at night, or while sulking in the dark. The music just seems inflexible to me, is all. I want music that I can listen to and enjoy regardless of location, time of day, and level of sobriety I'm in. Having to subject yourself to such stringent requirements before you can enjoy a piece of music is no fun at all. I dunno. Maybe it works for you.

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MdV said...

Nung unang tatlong pakikinig ko sa LYSFLATH, hindi ako napukaw dahil yung build-up hindi inaasahan at nakakalat. Nagkataon nung sunod ko na pakikinig, napagmasdan ko yung buong pakaging ng LYSFLATH tapos kakaalis lang ng typhoon Yolanda at yun na ang gabing bumukas yung kalawakan ng GYBE sa akin. Mahirap mang pasukin pero pag nakapasok na, sulit na sulit yung bawat pakikinig kasi may panibagong mabibitbit. Pero ito lang yung karansan ko.